All About The Computed Tomography (CT) Scan by Ganesh Diagnostic

A CT scan is a Computed tomography scan. It is a diagnostic modality that operates on ionising radiations to produce the scan images. The scan images captured are displayed on a screen using a computer technology. The best CT scan centre uses the most advanced technology for conducting the scan.

Types of CT scan

  • CT Scan Abdomen
  • CT Scan Spine
  • CT Angiography
  • CT Scan Sinus
  • CT Scan Arthrography
  • CT Scan Renal Stones
  • CT Scan Bones
  • CT Scan Brain/ CT Scan Head
  • CT Scan Pelvis
  • CT Scan Chest (CT Scan Lung)
  • CT Scan Neck

Uses of CT Scan

  • CT scans help determine the problems associated with the bone and joint, including tumors, complex bone fractures, etc.
  • The scan can also help determine various conditions including health conditions of heart disease, masses in liver, emphysema of lungs, etc.
  • The CT scan can show injuries in the internal structures or internal bleeding, which can be caused due to a car accident or other traumas.
  • The scan can help your doctor to find out the presence of any tumour, excess fluid, blood clot, or infection presence.
  • Doctors usually use the CT scan to get an idea for planning appropriate treatment plans and procedures, including surgeries, radiation therapy, medication prescription etc.

What Is the CT Scan Procedure?

Best diagnostic centre always follows the below given general scan procedure for your CT scan

  • You will be asked to change your clothes and wear a hospital gown
  • You will be asked to lay on a scan table
  • The scan table will slide into the CT scan machine
  • The Scan starts capturing images of the concern body part while the scanner revolves around you
  • Once the scan is complete, the scan table will slide out of the scan machine and you will be free to continue your daily chores
  • Any specific precaution or aftercare is not needed, but, your healthcare centre will instruct you depending on your condition. 


Ganesh Diagnostic and Imaging Center has earned its position in the diagnostic and treatment plan generation domain. The diagnostic center offers various procedures for diagnosing n number of diseases. You should always choose your diagnostic center wisely as the diagnosis is the base on which the treatmnet plan and its success will depend.

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