All You Need to Know Before Selling Gold

Gold is one of the best investments you can make, it is the perfect way to protect your possessions in times of need or circumstances revolving around inflation and deflation. To profit from this investment, it is important to identify periods in the economic market where gold value is expanding. If you are selling gold correctly and at the right places, it could turn out remunerative. This guide will make your gold-selling journey easy and profitable and to remain abreast of it where to sell gold without getting cheated.

What decides the gold price?

You must be wondering who gives best value for gold. The one thing to do before selling gold is to identify the ongoing prices among other factors you should be mindful about.

  1. Keep an eye out for opportunities during inflation. When the economy is witnessing inflation, prices of gold are high insinuating a demand for gold. Be updated with the inflation rate.
  2. RBI, the central bank of India, is known to have possession and regulation of gold reserves. If RBI decides to preserve this reserve, gold prices will boost in the market.
  3. Seasonally, gold is always high in demand around festivals and wedding seasons. Customers actively buy jewellery; therefore, they could be someone who gives best value for gold.
  4. Keep yourself aware of the ongoing state laws around gold. These laws differ from state to state creating a substantial difference among gold prices.

Where to sell gold without getting cheated?

This is how you can ensure a safe deal:

  • Utilise the previous section to understand the value and demand for your gold possession. Purity and weight are the driving factors in these cases. You have the option of taking an assessment online or via jewellery shops.
  • The best way to find fair buyers is to usually go for well-established jewellery stores or well-known local jewellers. They are usually the ones making the safest transactions. There are online platforms available where you can sell gold, however, it is best to not engage with individuals or unverified buyers.
  • A different technique to find a fair deal along with identifying ongoing gold prices is to keep in contact with different buyers. Educate them with details of your gold and get an estimated price customers are willing to pay and further compare them. This will also guide you by steering clear of buyers who are paying too less or too much.
  • Make sure that your transactions are scam-free with any mode of payment. In a one-on-one transaction, there is more safety in comparison to delivery or shipment.
  • Always maintain records of your transactions, and keep a copy of all the receipts and paperwork.

Where to find top rated trusted gold jewellery buyer in Delhi NCR?

It is recommended to opt for trusted jewellery shops over individual buyers. If you want to know where to find top rated trusted gold jewellery buyer in Delhi NCR, we have a list of all available options you can explore. These are well-known brands with multiple branches that offer further support in your gold-selling journey.

  1. 24Karat We Buy Gold: One of the top options. With appropriate awards and licenses, you can have a seamless experience.
  2. Cash For Gold Pvt. Ltd.: With their multiple branches, track them easily.
  3. Diamond Factory: You can sell here at market rates with absolute transparency.
  4. Paridhi Gold Traders Ltd.: A reliable place to sell your gold jewellery.

As much as these places are recommended, it is still wise to do a background check from your end.


Make your investment returns as lucrative as possible with your gold investments. This guide gives you all the important information like where to sell gold without getting cheated, and who gives the best value for gold. We also have some top rated trusted gold jewellery buyer in Delhi NCR list. Utilise this information and have a happy gold-selling journey!

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