Get Locked in a Car? Here are 5 Preventative Tips

Having a car in perfect working condition but its keys still dangling from the ignition is quite an annoying situation to be in. If you get locked in a car, there may be no other option than to contact a professional auto locksmith. But the question is; how to prevent this situation?

Below in this blog, we’re going to give you insights on the major tips that will help you prevent your car from getting locked. So, continue to read on.

1. Always Lock Your Car from the Outside

By holding onto your keys and waiting to lock your car doors after you exit your vehicle, you couldn’t lock the doors without your car keys. For people who are used to setting their keys on their passenger seat, their chances of forgetting them are high.

Additionally, you also need to keep all your important things together, including your phone, and wallet near your car keys. Doing so makes you less likely to forget your keys.

2. Utilize a Fob for Locking Doors

The majority of people used to push the lock button to lock their vehicle when they got out of their car. This can easily lead to their keys getting locked in their car, so once the door latches shut beforehand, they can grab their keys.

So, make use of a fob as much as you can to make it a habit instead of using a button to lock the doors. Be sure that your vehicle won’t get locked without the key fob in hand.

3. Focus On Replacing the Batteries of Key FOB

Most of the time, locking and unlocking your vehicle won’t be possible even using the key fob. So, it’s advised to check the battery of your key fob to make sure it isn’t dead. If it is, then what can you do? You can buy a replacement key for a car locksmith.

Additionally, when it comes to replacing the key’s batteries, you might have to inspect the battery in your car. If you’ve found your car battery dead, then you must unlock your door by inserting the key.

4. Keep an Extra Set of Your Car Keys

When you buy a car, you will get an extra set of keys made for that car. That’s why having a spare key inside your purse, wallet, or pocket is a wise idea, especially when you suddenly get locked out of your car.

Generally, on the underside of your vehicle or somewhere near the wheels, you can hide a spare key using a magnetic box. The only disadvantage of having a key inside a car is that anyone can potentially find it.

5. Make a Proper Exit Routine

Before exiting the vehicle, making a proper exit routine may develop a habit in you to grab your car door keys. Whether you have one of getting yourself together, exiting a car, or locking the doors, you can have a minimum chance to leave your keys inside the car even when you’re in a hurry.

Having multiple ways to secure your car keys and locking the doors can be another major issue. Most probably, you can get mixed up in your procedures, and you also have to look for your keys using the window of your locked car.

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