House of Fun

House of fun is a game developed by playtika, it is a slot game that offers online slot game experience at zero cost. With the advancement in technology and software, entertainment became more accessible.

Back in old times, when only entertainment available was physical sports. People used to play Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Cricket and many other similar physical games. When the internet revolution came it changed the dynamics of the whole world. 

Now a handy smartphone with internet connectivity is the whole world on your fingertips just a click away. You can read books, listen to music and play games online as well. In this article i will share my experience of online gaming specially House of fun which i have been playing for the past 9 months.

What is House of Fun Slots?

House of Fun is an online game that offers a fun experience of playing slot games and spinning from anywhere because the game is available on Android, IOS, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft store. You can play the game on any of the given platforms. Availability on many platforms gives you a never ending fun opportunity to enjoy the game in your office, in public transport or in your bedroom. You can play from anywhere and enjoy spinning the wheel of fortune. 

The game involves a lot of slot machines just like a Vegas style casino. When your level advances in the game, new slot machines become available for you to play and bid. You can choose any slot and start playing the game. If you hit the jackpot, Boom! You will get a lot of coins and bonuses. Coins are the main currency used in the game. House of Fun does not offer any real money. The game revolves just around entertainment for free. 

I have been playing House of Fun slots for about nine months and I enjoy playing it. The game offers so much that you never get bored. However there is one thing, if i play the game continuously and bid all of my coins, i get short of coins. Believe me this is not only me, this happens to almost every player. In this case players including me search the internet for House of Fun free coins to get out of this deadlock of no coins. 

How to collect House of fun bonuses?

There are several methods available by which players can get free bonuses. Many freebie sites post daily gift links for House of fun. Daily in-game bonuses like hourly bonus, daily bonus, Level progression bonus, Event winning Bonus and other similar bonuses are available for the players to keep them engaged in fun activities. 

How to bid and win Jackpot? 

When playing the game, in the game lobby and click on any slot game you want to play. Once you choose the slot, now in the bottom right corner just below the spin there is a bid option. You can bid as many coins as you want. The higher you bid the higher your chances are for winning the Jackpot. If you hit the jackpot, it’s your lottery day because you will get a bag full of coins and bonuses. I must say hitting the jackpot is a lucky day. 

Summing it up 

House of fun is a great game to play and you can play it from anywhere on any device. It is one of the oldest online slot games that is why it is so popular. Team up with your friends and then challenge them, send gifts to your friends and participate in quests together. Playing the game with a bunch of friends, double the fun. If you are a slot player who does not want to spend any money but enjoy the slotting experience for free, House of Fun got you covered. Enjoy!

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